About Us

  • Do one thing
  • Do it well
  • Do it better than anyone else
  • Do it for less

And That’s What We Do!

With over 25 years experience,  Gem of The Net specializes in creating unique, quality identities for businesses. We provide superb website designs, dynamic electronic catalogs, shopping carts, custom programming, fully automated order entry systems, customer inquiries, appointments, feedbacks, search engine optimizations also known as SEO, social media marketing and online reputation building.

We use our fully computerized facilities to give our clients the visibility and presence they need. As a result, we can offer the utmost in efficiency and productivity.

Service is very important here at Gem of The Net. We pride ourselves on being creative, knowledgeable, and dependable. We will do whatever we can to make sure your jobs come out to your satisfaction, as well as ours. If there’s any way we can help you, please let us know.

We provide complete implementation of proven state of the art information exchange technologies. Our unique business communication solutions empower you to achieve and maintain competitive advantages.

Gem of The Net‘s dedicated professionals provide you with superior technology and unsurpassed creative resources. We realize your goals and provide your business with the world’s most advanced professional  presence.

Gem of the Net has been a pioneer in technology implementation and innovation in business management software.  We developed the first Windows graphical based inventory management software with imaging back in 1992.   In 1995, with the progression of Internet, we developed platforms where clients were able to easily update their websites right from their in-house inventory software and have a fully functional e-commerce website.

We offer a complete Jewelry Management software with our Gemsoft  program.  We also offer a complete imaging solution with our SharpCatalog inventory cataloging software.
The SharpCatalog software allows users to capture jewelry and create professional catalogs as well as HTML files, appraisals  for use on the Internet, custom appraisals, flyers, PDF catalogs,etc.
SharpCatalog also stores the customer’s inventory in a database which can be used on Gem of The Net’s web hosting servers to create true searchable on-line catalogs with order entry. SharpCatalog was designed as a high performance application from inception. It borrows heavily from the technology we pioneered in 1992 when we created the industry’s first Windows based management software with imaging.

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