Elegant Website Design

Gem of the Net creates elegant, easy-to-use and interactive websites for all industries. Your website will attract and engage more clients.  If you thinking of having an on-line shop, we will make it a breeze for your visitors.

On-line Marketing

Increase your online presence with the use of Google's AdWords and Facebook marketing. People have to be able to find you and we will give it a boost.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO  is the method by which you will increase your visibility and traffic.  The goal is to utilize keywords and create rich content as well as using your business's geographical area.

Social Media Marketing

We will design an overall strategy to find targeted groups of clients on social media and build  trust and create a relationship with your prespects

Offline Marketing

In addition to online marketing we need to utilize common marketing and advertising. These include but not limited to direct mail marketing, traditional media advertising, etc.

Blog & Content Writing

Good and relevant new content is the key to ranking high in search engines.  Our team of expert writers create these contents for our clients. These English, literature and Journalism major content writers will provide solid content.

Software Development

Gem of the Net has been a pioneer in technology implementation and innovation in business management software.  We developed the first Windows graphical based inventory management software with imaging back in 1992.   In 1995, with the progression of Internet, we developed weblink platforms. If you need consultation or need a software created, contact us.

Reputation Management

People generally Google your name before doing any business with you.  Online reviews have become an important part of decision-making for clients. Maintaining and managing your reputation online is now more important than ever. We can assist you with this important task.

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A Responsive Professional Website is a Reflection of Your Business

Ask us about the way we do things technologically and how we do them differently

The information revolution is on its way fast and the Internet is changing the way we live and do business.  The Internet has become the tool that hundreds of millions of people (your potential customers) will use to shop, gather information, entertain themselves, and a thousand other daily activities we now do in person or by phone.

Consumers have moved to the Web. Successful businesses have moved to the Web. Without saying, YOU need to be on the Web to conveniently showcase your products and services where your customers will be looking for them. Using the Web, you will be able to reach a worldwide or local market. You will be able to update your site daily as you should to provide new products, services and blogs.

Currently hundreds of millions of people worldwide have access to the Internet. The Internet is growing each day. More than three quarters of that traffic is business related.

By establishing your presence on the Internet now, you will be able to access the people on the Information Superhighway now, and the millions who will follow as the network continues to grow.

The cost of advertising on the Television is tens of thousands of dollars for limited coverage in a local area., which may not reach your target audience and only target a small area anyway.
Gem of The Net Internet Services through our SEO and marketing strategies could advertise your company on a web page to a much larger audience  24/7.

Advertising is only a small part of what Gem of The Net can provide for your business. How would you like potential customers to:

  •  See your product list and electronic catalog
  •  Contact your company for more information
  •  Place orders
  •  Receive support and service
  •  Simply give you information and feedback

The number of Internet users is rapidly growing each day, isn't it time that your business announced itself to these people and moved into the 21st century and ahead of the competition.

We can provide you with a service that will reach not only everyone on the Web, but also other parts of the Internet where we can target potential customers precisely for maximum return.

For your website we will work with you to provide the best site possible, filled with content that users will want to see and which will bring them back again and again to use your companies services. Your site will be registered with all the major Internet search engines so that when an individual is looking for a product or service your sites address is available to them easily, so that your business is brought to the attention of as many potential customers as possible. We have many ways of ensuring as high usage of your site as possible.

Once all the requirements and terms have been agreed upon we will begin designing your site. We will keep in contact with you and inform you of the progress of the site, if you wish for any changes they can be incorporated easily. When the site is finished then we will post it temporarily on our site and send you its address so that you can view it before it goes online to the world. If there are any amendments then you can contact us and we will make them.