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For Retail, Wholesale Jewelers and Diamond Dealers

Gemsoft Treasure is a powerful jewelry software with a fast and easy to use graphical environment running under the popular Microsoft Windows operating systems.

How do you choose the right jewelry software for your jewelry business? You start your search on the internet, look at different jewelry software packages that are available and soon they all appear the same, right? We know how you feel as we do the same when we buy software packages for our own software development business.

So we decided to let others do the talking for us from their own personal experiences regarding the jewelry software that they use on daily basis. After all those businesses and people had to go through the same process. They wanted a jewelry software program that managed their business , was smart and at the same time very easy to use. They got it when they chose our jewelry software and support services. You can too.

Below read what some of our clients write about our Gemsoft Jewelry software, Sharpcatalog, service and support.


Gemsoft Treasure

For Retailers, Wholesalers, Diamond Dealers, Estate jewelers and Manufacturers
Running under the popular Microsoft Windows


Have you been searching for an affordable true graphical Windows based program to fully manage every aspect of your Jewelry business. Inventory and bar-coding that is integrated with an accounting software. Has an extensive customer and vendor database and is also integraded with point of sale system?

Gemsoft Treasure jewelry software does it all and makes it easy.  With a fast and easy use graphical environment, taking control of your business has never been so easy. 

Gemsoft will really get your jewelry business automated.
Using detailed inventory, customer, vendor, and invoicing forms, you'll be able to manage your business and quickly find just the product your customers are seeking Jewelry Software. The software supports bar-code scanning for quick invoice creation; video capture and TWAIN scanners to illustrate the inventory lists; multiple printers for invoices, tags, labels, and routine printing; and catalog creation with the optional SharpCatalog module.
The program handles inventory, customers, invoices, vendors, and point-of-sale (POS) details, with multi-field search capability in all the data tables.
Sample data lets you experiment with the program features, and the multi-media tutorial CD, with audio and with video will teach you step-by step how to use the software.

Greatest Value for Your Money
We heard what our customers were saying, we collected data from our customers and then created Gemsoft Treasure jewelry software.  Just check out some of the great features you get with Treasure.  With over ten years in the making, no other jewelry inventory program available today even comes close.  Gemsoft Treasure has accomplished what other software companies said couldn't be done.
Unlike some other Jewelry programs which only offer meager Inventory management and no Point of Sale features. Gemsoft Treasure provides you with all you need to run and manage your jewelry business.

Retail store Jewelry software and wholesale jewelry business management.

What Our Clients Say

Neil Lane Couture

We have been using Gem of the Net since 2006. The software is very adaptable and easy to use.  They have been able to customize and support us with every design and question we have had. The program has helped us in our business to get more organized and work more efficiently so we can focus on other avenues of our work. It is a great tool for any jewelry business, and I would highly recommend it.

Michael Jacobson


Ever since we were put in contact with Gem of the Net, they have been extremely accommodating. Before committing to using Gemsoft Treasure, we were given the opportunity to test out the program and see if we like it. During this process we worked with Gem of the Net to see what customizations are possible (pretty much anything). We were using a different program prior to Gemsoft Treasure and Gem of the Net made it very easy to transfer over all the data from our old program. Any time we have any questions I give Gem of the Net a phone call and within minutes the issue is fixed. I highly recommend the use of Gemsoft Treasure to anyone who is looking for an easy, personalized, and accommodating software program.


David Hadjibay

Alan Friedman Company

Gemsoft is a great software system that I have used in my business for over 18 years. The system is easy to navigate and is very user friendly. Staff is easily trained on it, and we have come to rely on it for all our inventory, sales, and purchase needs.

Alan Friedman
Alan Friedman Company - Beverly Hills, California

Provident Jewelry

I have been a very satisfied client of Gem of the Net for many years. Gemsoft is a very intuitive program that has been extremely helpful with all of my jewelry software needs. I highly recommend Bob Akbari and Gemsoft.

Seth Berman G.G. (G.I.A) Managing Partner Jupiter
Provident Jewelry – Jupiter, Florida

Michael John Jewelry

We have been working with “Gem of the Net” and using Gemsoft program for more than 10 years and have been very satisfied with the great and timely customer service that Bob and his staff have provided to us. Gemsoft is a user friendly and easy to learn program that provides the basic functions a jewelry business needs. It’s been a pleasure working with Gem of the Net and we certainly recommend them to our industry colleagues and friends.


Altamoda Jewelry Inc.

Our company is one of the largest distributors of fine diamond jewelry in United States located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California in U.S.A.
We vendor numerous jewelry stores and jewelry chain outfits throughout the United States.
Our customer demands our rising every day and therefore we are constantly trying to expand our targeted market and the lines which we carry. Consequently we are in need of the best working software tools to be able to serve our customers efficiently and promptly. GEM OF THE NET’s jewelry software is the most important with highest value available to us for accomplishing our business goals.Having said that, we highly recommend this tool and hope you can take advantage of it and be as pleased as our company is.
We are looking forward to receiving all other future software solutions from GEM OF THE NET and a having a mutually beneficial business relationship together.

Fred S.
Altamoda Jewelry Inc. – Los Angeles, California

Style Jewelry and Goldmine Enterprises

We have two jewelry companies who have been using Gem of The Net for more than 10 years. The program is very user friendly, and if you ever have a problem, support team, via the support system within the program, will help you solve it in no time. The program will keep track of your inventory, with pictures if needed, and of all other accounting information. We highly recommend it.

David Haim
Style Jewelry and Goldmine Enterprises – Miami, Florida

Nadis Diamonds

We have been using Gemsoft and Gem of the Net for over 2o years! The software fulfills all of our needs and we couldn’t be happier. The service and support has been outstanding throughout. We highly recommend this product and the associated services.

Stephan Gozumian
Nadis Diamonds – Los Angeles, California


We have been using Gem of the net for more than eight years now and it keeps getting better.
It is an amazing jewelry program with astounding support service.
The software is very user friendly and everything you could want and more for all of your inventory needs.
The support service for this program is wonderful. Whether it is a big or small question they are always there to help. Even better, they listen to the customer’s needs and improve the program with useful updates. This really is the best service and program out there!

Michelle Kho
COOMI – Secaucus, New Jersey

The Gem House, Inc.

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial and recommendation on behalf of Bob Akbari and his company Gem of the Net.
My experience working with Bob has been excellent. He is a true professional that brings important jewelry knowledge and outstanding management skills to each of his projects.
I have rarely been involved in a plan as well managed as our recent web site being created with Bob’s team. His approach and management process is obviously the result of genuine care for his clients and a deep understanding of the jewelry business. His on-line assistance when immediately needed is unparalleled.
I began using Gemsoft Treasure (Gem of the Net’s complete jewelry management system) and finally ventured into a web site being built by Gem of the Net. I have always been impressed with Gemsoft but had no idea that Gemsoft would prove to be such an easy tool to create my web-site. Everything done through Gemsoft has a reason and only through a well thought-out process do all the “cards fall into place”. Gemsoft already allowed me to do everything that I wanted; from appraisals down to customer account balances. It was only in building the web-site that I saw how even the daily things that I do assist my web-site. Gemsoft not only assists in my daily work but also uploads all diamonds to Rapnet, all inventories to Polygon. I cannot explain how useful this system has been to me.
His company understands the customer’s needs and how each of his company’s parts fit together to integrate into one well working system. Our daily computer inputs go from what is in inventory, what has been sold, what profit we made on each piece, to branding each piece for our web-site. Bob’s model is one well-run and organized system to take you from daily details to web-site orientation. I never doubted the result of the work that was put into building our web-site. Our web-site is beautiful and is easily manipulated via our daily work to upload or delete recent jewelry articles.
Finally, I was extremely impressed that Bob was able to structure and successfully deliver the project on such a strict time schedule. This experience coupled with our past successes allows me to recommend Bob Akbari and Gemsoft without hesitation.

Christy Forrest
The Gem House, Inc. – New York, New York

Diacan – E & G Associates

We have been a client of Gem of the Net since 2000. We provide quality loose diamonds and fine jewellery to the Canadian marketplace at both the wholesale and retail levels.
Gemsoft jewellery software allows us to manage our business efficiently and effortlessly. It allows us to manage both our retail and wholesale aspects of our business in once software package. Businesses that are both in retail and wholesale do not and prefer not to run two separate programs to manage each side. Gemsoft allows us to do just that. One centralized application for now and future expansions.
Software is very easy to understand and use as we rather prefer spending our time conducting our own business as opposed to figuring things out in the software. Any time there are software updates or we need assistance with an issue, they are able to connect to us via remote support to resolve any issues, install our updates or answer any questions. The level of service is just superb. They are willing to go out of their way to assist with computer issues that are not even related to their software. They are very professional and extremely knowledgeable about all computer related matters. We highly recommend this company. Do yourself a favour and start using it today.

Gadi Sorek
Diacan – Toranto, Canada

Montana Gem, Inc.

When we went shopping for a software package for our jewelry store, Gem of the Net stood out above the competition. We have been using it for several years now and are very satisfied. Because we are not knowledgeable about computer and website use it was most important to us to find a complete package, easy to use, and with ready support when we ran into difficulties. Gem of the Net has been all of those things.

Katie and Randy Gneiting
Montana Gem, Inc. – Columbus, Montana

Lichtenberg’s Jewelry

I have been a client of Gem of the Net for 15 years. Gem of the Net support has become a life saver for our company on many occasions. Although the program runs very smoothly, there will be some problems from time to time. They are quick to fix not only any software issues with the program, but also helped me with many of my other computer problems unrelated to Gem of the Net.
Therefore, they have saved me time and money. Always professional and easy to work with, I would definitely recommend this company!

Mary Lichtenberg
Lichtenberg’s Jewelry – Kansas City, Missouri

National Jewelers

We have been one of the early users and adapters of Gem of The Net since 1997. That was one of the best business decisions ever made. Gem of The Net has all options and components that allow jewelry business, regardless whether it is retail, wholesale or manufacturing to function and grow in today’s environment. Weather you need inventory control, accounting or internet capabilities Gem of The Net has it all. They constantly add features to keep program up to date. And on top of this their tech support is second to none.
I recommend Gem of The Net to any business owner without hesitation.

Victor Levy
National Jewelers – Chicago, Illinois

Enchanted Jewelers, Inc.

Gemsoft Treasure jewelry software is what I have been using for our jewelry store management for sixteen years. Gemsoft Treasure has been and still is very easy to navigate through the different screens and easy to input your data.
I have only had great experiences working the staff at Gem of the Net. Bob Akbari has been my Knight in Shining Amor. He has gone beyond what is expected of him to help me in transferring my files to a new computer. What was ending up as a night mare turned out to be not so bad after all, thanks to Bob. Bob helped me is so many ways that made my transition to a new computer so much easier.Thank you is not enough for the stress and aggravation you saved me from having!!!

Julia George
Enchanted Jewelers, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico

Capri of Palm Beach

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Gem of the Net and my Gemsoft program. This program has helped me follow my inventory, log my customers, label my merchandise, bill and memo my customers. There are so many incredible features with your program, I haven’t even gotten into yet! I love most the ability to make my own catalogues to give out to customers.
Your tech help is outstanding and you always call back in a most timely fashion.

Capri of Palm Beach – Florida

Gem of The Net, in addition to jewelry management software, specializes in creating unique, quality identities for businesses. We provide creative World Wide Web page designs, software, custom programming, fully automated order entry systems, customer inquiries, feedbacks, search engines, dynamic electronic catalogs and a full range of networking systems. Integrating your inventory software to your web site has never been easier!

Let us create an eye catching custom web page for your company.


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Gemsoft Treasure

Gemsoft Treasure is a powerful jewelry software with a fast and easy to use graphical environment running under the popular Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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