Cataloging software for jewelry

Jewelry Catalog Software Program

SharpCatalog ™ is an easy to use Windows™ based jewelry cataloging program which allows you to create professional quality color printouts using low cost printers, catalogs on CDs, flyers and brochures. It also allows you to manage your inventory, create slide shows, appraisals and electronic catalogs for the Internet.


Cataloging software for jewelry

SharpCatalog ™ was designed from the beginning to adhere to published software standards. The data is stored in database so you don’t have to worry about your data becoming obsolete or stranded in an out of date program. You can share the data and images with most Microsoft Office ™ compatible products.

Easy-to-use Drag N Drop Interface
SharpCatalog ™ uses Microsoft Windows™ for a fast and efficient user interface. Select from multiple existing layouts and the layout of the catalog is displayed on your computer screen. Just point-and-click. Create your own custom headers, backgrounds, fonts etc.

SharpCatalog ™ keeps a graphical database of your inventory. Information on thousands of items can be retrieved instantly.

The following information is stored for each item to search or sort by: Item, Supplier, Style, Description, Notes, Location, Category, Quantity, Date, Gender, Metal Type & Weight, Stone Type & Weight, Menu Category, Cost, Tag Price.

Use The Images For
Websites, Mailers, Flyers, Appraisals, Insurance and Inventory.

Image Browser
Do you have a large collection of images already on your computer? No problem, with our Image Browser you can pick multiple images from your computer and add them to SharpCatalog ™

SharpCatalog was designed from inception to be used on network.  You can access your images, and catalogs from anyplace on the network.  Multiple users can all share the same Inventory, Images, Catalogs on a network.  Simply install the databases and catalogs on a file server for greater security and easy backups.