The Gem House, Inc.

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial and recommendation on behalf of Bob Akbari and his company Gem of the Net.
My experience working with Bob has been excellent. He is a true professional that brings important jewelry knowledge and outstanding management skills to each of his projects.
I have rarely been involved in a plan as well managed as our recent web site being created with Bob’s team. His approach and management process is obviously the result of genuine care for his clients and a deep understanding of the jewelry business. His on-line assistance when immediately needed is unparalleled.
I began using Gemsoft Treasure (Gem of the Net’s complete jewelry management system) and finally ventured into a web site being built by Gem of the Net. I have always been impressed with Gemsoft but had no idea that Gemsoft would prove to be such an easy tool to create my web-site. Everything done through Gemsoft has a reason and only through a well thought-out process do all the “cards fall into place”. Gemsoft already allowed me to do everything that I wanted; from appraisals down to customer account balances. It was only in building the web-site that I saw how even the daily things that I do assist my web-site. Gemsoft not only assists in my daily work but also uploads all diamonds to Rapnet, all inventories to Polygon. I cannot explain how useful this system has been to me.
His company understands the customer’s needs and how each of his company’s parts fit together to integrate into one well working system. Our daily computer inputs go from what is in inventory, what has been sold, what profit we made on each piece, to branding each piece for our web-site. Bob’s model is one well-run and organized system to take you from daily details to web-site orientation. I never doubted the result of the work that was put into building our web-site. Our web-site is beautiful and is easily manipulated via our daily work to upload or delete recent jewelry articles.
Finally, I was extremely impressed that Bob was able to structure and successfully deliver the project on such a strict time schedule. This experience coupled with our past successes allows me to recommend Bob Akbari and Gemsoft without hesitation.

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