Diacan – E & G Associates

We have been a client of Gem of the Net since 2000. We provide quality loose diamonds and fine jewellery to the Canadian marketplace at both the wholesale and retail levels.
Gemsoft jewellery software allows us to manage our business efficiently and effortlessly. It allows us to manage both our retail and wholesale aspects of our business in once software package. Businesses that are both in retail and wholesale do not and prefer not to run two separate programs to manage each side. Gemsoft allows us to do just that. One centralized application for now and future expansions.
Software is very easy to understand and use as we rather prefer spending our time conducting our own business as opposed to figuring things out in the software. Any time there are software updates or we need assistance with an issue, they are able to connect to us via remote support to resolve any issues, install our updates or answer any questions. The level of service is just superb. They are willing to go out of their way to assist with computer issues that are not even related to their software. They are very professional and extremely knowledgeable about all computer related matters. We highly recommend this company. Do yourself a favour and start using it today.

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