Ever since we were put in contact with Gem of the Net, they have been extremely accommodating. Before committing to using Gemsoft Treasure, we were given the opportunity to test out the program and see if we like it. During this process we worked with Gem of the Net to see what customizations are possible (pretty much anything). We were using a different program prior to Gemsoft Treasure and Gem of the Net made it very easy to transfer over all the data from our old program. Any time we have any questions I give Gem of the Net a phone call and within minutes the issue is fixed. I highly recommend the use of Gemsoft Treasure to anyone who is looking for an easy, personalized, and accommodating software program.


Neil Lane Couture

We have been using Gem of the Net since 2006. The software is very adaptable and easy to use.  They have been able to customize and support us with every design and question we have had. The program has helped us in our business to get more organized and work more efficiently so we can focus on other avenues of our work. It is a great tool for any jewelry business, and I would highly recommend it.

Enchanted Jewelers, Inc.

Gemsoft Treasure jewelry software is what I have been using for our jewelry store management for sixteen years. Gemsoft Treasure has been and still is very easy to navigate through the different screens and easy to input your data.
I have only had great experiences working the staff at Gem of the Net. Bob Akbari has been my Knight in Shining Amor. He has gone beyond what is expected of him to help me in transferring my files to a new computer. What was ending up as a night mare turned out to be not so bad after all, thanks to Bob. Bob helped me is so many ways that made my transition to a new computer so much easier.Thank you is not enough for the stress and aggravation you saved me from having!!!

Capri of Palm Beach

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Gem of the Net and my Gemsoft program. This program has helped me follow my inventory, log my customers, label my merchandise, bill and memo my customers. There are so many incredible features with your program, I haven’t even gotten into yet! I love most the ability to make my own catalogues to give out to customers.
Your tech help is outstanding and you always call back in a most timely fashion.

Diacan – E & G Associates

We have been a client of Gem of the Net since 2000. We provide quality loose diamonds and fine jewellery to the Canadian marketplace at both the wholesale and retail levels.
Gemsoft jewellery software allows us to manage our business efficiently and effortlessly. It allows us to manage both our retail and wholesale aspects of our business in once software package. Businesses that are both in retail and wholesale do not and prefer not to run two separate programs to manage each side. Gemsoft allows us to do just that. One centralized application for now and future expansions.
Software is very easy to understand and use as we rather prefer spending our time conducting our own business as opposed to figuring things out in the software. Any time there are software updates or we need assistance with an issue, they are able to connect to us via remote support to resolve any issues, install our updates or answer any questions. The level of service is just superb. They are willing to go out of their way to assist with computer issues that are not even related to their software. They are very professional and extremely knowledgeable about all computer related matters. We highly recommend this company. Do yourself a favour and start using it today.

Altamoda Jewelry Inc.

Our company is one of the largest distributors of fine diamond jewelry in United States located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California in U.S.A.
We vendor numerous jewelry stores and jewelry chain outfits throughout the United States.
Our customer demands our rising every day and therefore we are constantly trying to expand our targeted market and the lines which we carry. Consequently we are in need of the best working software tools to be able to serve our customers efficiently and promptly. GEM OF THE NET’s jewelry software is the most important with highest value available to us for accomplishing our business goals.Having said that, we highly recommend this tool and hope you can take advantage of it and be as pleased as our company is.
We are looking forward to receiving all other future software solutions from GEM OF THE NET and a having a mutually beneficial business relationship together.

Nadis Diamonds

We have been using Gemsoft and Gem of the Net for over 2o years! The software fulfills all of our needs and we couldn’t be happier. The service and support has been outstanding throughout. We highly recommend this product and the associated services.


We have been using Gem of the net for more than eight years now and it keeps getting better.
It is an amazing jewelry program with astounding support service.
The software is very user friendly and everything you could want and more for all of your inventory needs.
The support service for this program is wonderful. Whether it is a big or small question they are always there to help. Even better, they listen to the customer’s needs and improve the program with useful updates. This really is the best service and program out there!

Provident Jewelry

I have been a very satisfied client of Gem of the Net for many years. Gemsoft is a very intuitive program that has been extremely helpful with all of my jewelry software needs. I highly recommend Bob Akbari and Gemsoft.

Montana Gem, Inc.

When we went shopping for a software package for our jewelry store, Gem of the Net stood out above the competition. We have been using it for several years now and are very satisfied. Because we are not knowledgeable about computer and website use it was most important to us to find a complete package, easy to use, and with ready support when we ran into difficulties. Gem of the Net has been all of those things.