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Set passwords

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This screen allows you to set passwords for access to different parts of Gemsoft jewelry software.

There are two methods for applying passwords:

  • Assign a password to each screen
  • Create user profiles, so with one password entry, user can access the designated screen(s).

To assign a password for each screen, select the screen from above and simply enter your old or default password and create and confirm your new password.

Master password has an admin privilege (like a super user) and needs to be set and remembered. You can set the Master password to be required for modifying invoices and memos. Simple check the pink checkbox for this option.

You can also enter a separate password for deleting records (invoices, customers, inventory, etc.) and one for price modification in invoices.

Creating users profiles

To create a user profile, select the USER radio button on top and click on ADD PROFILE button.

Enter a name you like to be used for logging into Gemsoft Treasure (i.e.: Joe, sales, …). Then select the newly created profile from the drop-down list and assign a password to that user. (Note: You can use set the password to be the same as the profile name) and on the right select which screens this user has access to.

Once finished click DONE.