Jewelry Software Downloads2

Software Upgrades for Current Jewelry Clients

Gemsoft Treasure Upgrade for Windows 2KX, 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 32 & 64 bit.
Registered Existing User Update Only - Version 12.2.20 - 02/11/19

Among the new features are:

Read the special notes about the new reminder and calendar features in the new version . Read more here...

  • Automatic alarm reminders for CRM tasks, birthdays & anniversaries
  • New calendar/date selection
  • Additional Inventory fields.
  • CRM - Customer relationship management includes contact management and customer wish list.
  • Vendors merchandise return with pictures are added to Vendors screen directly.
  • Saving different jewelry appraisal templates.
  • Selecting option for appraisal printing, portrait and landscape.
  • Invoice an existing memo to a different client. Print multiple barcode-tags on selection.
  • Auto price adjustment (increase, decrease) in inventory by dollar amount or percentage.
  • New AR reports.
  • New Rapnet auto price update. Export to Jewelry Software data to Quickbooks IIF.
  • New export to Polygon and Rapnet.
  • New Trade-in module at Point of Sale (POS).

Cropping tools and picture rotation for inventory image captures.
Auto selection for printing images on your invoices and memos. Accounts receivable - generation of reports for inactive clients.
More options for repair envelopes. Spell checker built into inventory description and appraisals. Additional ledger reports and more ...

Has support for multiple images in inventory. These images will also automatically be displayed as a slide show on your web site.

Read the special notes about new inventory price change features. Read more here...

SharpCatalog Upgrade (With Built-In Bar Coding)
for Windows 2KX, 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 32 & 64 bit.
Registered Existing User Update Only - Version 10.0.1 - 11/05/18

  • Create amazing PDF catalogs to email or print.
  • This bar-coding version has unlimited pages to the catalog.
  • Allows for insertion and removal of pages in the current catalogs.
  • Prints index and page numbers to the catalog.
  • Additional database fields and searching criteria.