Rochester Lapidary Jewelers – 10

Don Kirckof

(507) 282-0447
951-3045 computer guy

4/17/00 They called again and asked status of import, jeff asked them to send definations of fields, they said they will send old program

3/30 sent dbf files but dbt files are missing
called them ask to send
They want to buy both systems.
Called him bacl on 4-6-00 was in the meeting to ask him questions about data conversion
sending cd to make sure we can convert data
once we say its okay, then will give credit
info, want to pay $3000 plus 2500 due in 30

Customer has SoftGem Dos program, needs data
imported, looks like DBF files so should be ok
bob called him back on his request on 3/7/00
Never received demo.. overnite cd on 3/7/00
on 5/17/00 finished converting the inv database
computer guy’s email:

QJM Corp – 14



Went to office and gave demo
wanted customization for return credits