Jesse Berger

646-744-4477 Vell

I have dealt with you several years ago for a friends jewelery store.

I now work at a Jewelery Store and we currently use Edge and are looking for a system that provides better day to day ease of use.

I need the following:
A list of references of clients that currently use the software so that I can speak tot them as to how they like the software
How long you have been in business
a list of price options with and without new systems. per our existing setup.
we do not want a cash drawer we currently use laptops for space reasons.
A list of pricing for eCommerce website options

We currently have 4 kiosks that utilize edge.
2 scanner guns
2 credit card swipe machines
we use the standard jewelers paper that is perforated and prints one store copy and one customer copy receipt

Umesh – 2414

Umesh Shah


I am in Toronto,Canada and I am looking for diamonds inventory and accounting software can you give me more information please,
My contact #647-298-7033

Concord Fine Jewelry – 2295



Owner Brett Hammerman

downloaded demo on 3/8 .. MFG. singh has a daughter lawyer in berkeley.

Bang the Gavel – 2412

Mark Widawer


Blake partner
MFG.. Gave demo on 2/27/14

needs parcel info in inventory to list dimensions and table