Farshad – 2423



gem house fred zar IT person inquiring for a differernt client.

HVJohn – 2485

Greg Abajian

818-640-3110 Cell

HVJOHN.com website
Greg son
HVJOHN.com website
Greg son
Reconstruction and design of hvjohn.com with automatic product upload. $3800

Ron – 2465


305-331-7486 Cell

Call him on monday 5/8/17

Adrian – 2457



Hello my name is Adrian ,
I am in the process of opening a jewelry store, and wanted to get some information regarding your software services and pricing . If you can please give me a call at 559-765-9256 to get more information.
Thank you

FWM Jewelry – 2455

Lara Alexander


Suzy Landa recommended that I look at your software for my company. I have spent the last 30 years in retail (where we used Shopkeeper) but I have started my own jewelry design company and I don’t think Shopkeeper is going to work. I looked at your website and your programs look really good.
One question, Cindy said that it may not work on MAC and I’m getting ready to order a new MAC. I’m assuming we can work around this?