Wenslow Designs – 892

Amy Wenslow


Jeff talked to her on 6/20, said they went with another system
Met at JCK 2001, intereted in TR
jeff called, left message on 6/15

Fast Fix Jewelry Repairs Co. – 30

Lenny Plotitsa

901-604-5538 Cell Phone

This guy is a waste of time!
he called on 5-21-01, said he needs quote for two systems with
computers, printers and our leasing company has to close in 5 days
sent him all the information on 5-21-01
called on 5-22-01, said they had a change in plans, not interested
Quoted $2995 for 3 seats, for $500 for each seat
Says he has 20 stores, opens 3 month
Needs fax of required hardware
Jeff called back on 3-15
need reference list faxed for downtown la
bob faxec refs. on 3/14/00

He called Steve Zale and bugged him for 30min
march 14

bob called on 4/21/00 .. no answer

Diamonds of Palo Alto – 1

Israel Zehavi


Geir Ilstad is the accounting person
wants to make sure he can enter existing
vendor and customer balances and start from
that point

Will come to visit at vegas show in june 2000
Israel called on 6/16/00, asked to send demo ago, lost disk
sent new demo

now they said new disk doesn’t work,so sending new disk
on June 23rd

S.A.B. Enterprise, LLC – 863

Shimon A. Biniamini


He called twice, first time Jeff gave him quote for SC system.
then he called back and wanted gemsoft system, I told him
$4800 and said that was different than before, said he has to think
about it now.

Royal Jewelry Box – 19

David Sanam


sent fax on 3/1/00 with quote
talk to David on 3/2
he is going to decide which site options
he wants and get back to us

SGW – 778

Jamie Lachterman


told them 50% credit card, 50% check
Diamond dealer
returned, Accountant told them to use Quickbooks

Lien Phat – 16

Ken Lam


customer has Nikon Cool Pix, but I told them
just to buy the whole system
bob called 4/21/00
Nikon 900 … good pictures .. Needs a sample of digital camera print out .. will send kellen’s watch sample today

Called on 5/15 says he never got the information!

Downtown Jewelers – 405

David Marroquin

210-988-1070 Cell

INterested in Treasure Lite (barcoding mainly)
said never received the demo